by Gareth Jehu | May 9, 2017

The .tel domain is a unique way to promote your business, share information and ideas, and connect with your friends, fans, families and followers online. Launched originally in 2009, .tel was built on the simple premise that it should be quick and easy for anyone to get online. More than just a great domain name, for close to a decade .tel has empowered tens of thousands of website owners to launch simple, elegant web pages to host, publish and share their personal digital profiles with the world – absolutely free. Here we are in 2017, and .tel is still going strong. But today’s .tel is more versatile than ever before. It has grown and developed alongside the ever-expanding internet, and is adapting to meet a larger, more robust digital landscape. If you want to launch a personal digital profile page for yourself or your business, simply visit and set up an account with our upgraded Telhosting service – at no additional charge. When you host and manage your .tel domain with Telhosting, all of your relevant contact details and social media profiles can be shared with your friends, customers and prospects on a simple, elegant web page that works seamlessly across all devices – helping you to drive more interest and traffic to your site. But it doesn’t stop there. The .tel website addresses are now open for your innovation. With the new .tel, users have the freedom to build far more than digital profile pages. You can build, create or design your website in whatever way you dream up – using any hosting or website services provider that you choose. Build a personal website, launch the business of your dreams, host a community site – with a .tel domain you can connect your big ideas to the rest of the world in any way you like! Starting on Wednesday, June 21st, the .tel Registry will be releasing thousands of .tel domain names to the public – including many previously unreleased 1 and 2 character and other premium domain names. So think big, think creative and get ready for your chance to secure the best of the best .tel premium domain names! And don’t worry, registering one of the soon to be released .tel domain names is simple. Simply go to a participating domain retailer, search for your domain name of choice, and register it – just like you would any other domain name. Have a question? Check out our FAQ to see if we’ve got the answer already published. If not, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know. And most importantly, please tell us what you build on your .tel. We love hearing from you!

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