What is .tel?

.tel is the only top level domain (TLD) that offers a free and optional Telhosting service that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage their very own digital profile. If you do not wish to use the free Telhosting service, that is fine as you can use your .tel for any purpose of your choosing e.g. hosting your own website.

Give your customers and network, relevant information about your company, your latest events and tell the world your story.


.tel is the web address of choice to tell the world your story  and allows you to promote your and your business by publishing and sharing your contact information

Search Optimized

Get found on search engines with a memorable domain name

Making Connections

Link to any existing website, blog and social media connections

Every business and professional can benefit from owning a .tel

In today’s digital world connections happen online within your community. Your .tel name gives you a branded link that you can share and post on search engines, directories and social media – enabling you to drive more traffic and leads back to your site.

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