A business website is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. Your website is your way of communicating with the world, and is often the first impression that you have on a potential customer. But building a great website doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Attention to a few small details on your site will increase credibility and help drive more website leads for your business. Below are some easy tips to put into effect to transform your website traffic into business leads.

Add Quality Content

No matter the purpose of your site, content is crucial. If you are listing services or product information, add as much detail as you can to those pages. Users should be able to get most of their questions answered from the content on your site. Another quick trick is making sure your content is updated frequently. Having a content-rich site is amazing, but if the information is invalid or incorrect it can result in the loss of credibility. If there is a promotion that has ended or a service/product that is not available, make sure to remove it. Having a site with quality, up-to-date content will provide not only visitors but also search engines with reliable information and build your credibility. 

Add a “Contact Us” Form 

As visitors read through your site and soak in all the content-rich pages, the next thing they’ll look for is how to get in contact with you. The first step in building a “Contact Us” form, is adding a new page in your navigation menu. Yes, you can put the form in the footer on your site, but it can easily get buried there and you want to make sure website visitors can quickly and easily get in touch with you. Adding a Contact Us page provides your users with the simplest way to find the information they’re looking for. On this page, add information such as your address, your phone number and your email. Put your phone number towards the top, so the information can’t be missed. This builds instant trust with visitors, as they know exactly how to contact you and where your store is located.

Utilize Social Media

While thinking of ways to increase credibility and bring users to your site, don’t leave out social media. There are two ways to utilize social media in this sense. On your social networks, make sure to have your current website linked in your bio and also include website links in your promotional posts. Consistently posting with an attached link to your site will generate leads from your social media and make it easier for followers to find your website. Another way to take advantage of social media is to add a link to your accounts directly to your website. Visitors can easily click off to check out your social sites and see consistent posting and social media activity. This builds confidence in users about the credibility of your brand. Both of these tips will lead visitors to your website to increase traffic, and leads.

Ultimately, you need to have a credible website and brand to generate leads. Then you need to ensure that users have a clear path of contact to get in touch with you. By implementing the simple tips offered on this page, you will ensure that users, and search engines, take your business seriously and that your website traffic turns to leads. And more leads means more revenue for your business!