A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a phrase, a line of text or link that prompts your visitors to take a next step on your website. CTAs are you telling a visitor to do something in order to receive information, to talk to someone or to make a purchase. We know they are important, but why is it the MOST important thing on your website?

1. Growth and Conversion Rates

A successful CTA results in conversions. Ultimately, more conversions mean growth for your business and website. CTAs direct the visitor or user to take an action and move forward with whatever goal you may have. Whether you want your visitors to provide their email, or you want your visitors to buy your book… you have to nudge them in the right direction to take that next action.

2. Visitors Expect Them

Most people expect a CTA to help them navigate a website. It creates an intuitive hierarchy based on your business model and goals. When you make it easy for your visitor to find the next step of the purchasing or scheduling a service, the next source of information or how to leave a comment or review, they are more likely to complete that action.

3. CTAs Motivate Decisions

A CTA can be a big part of a person’s decision-making process. By providing the next step for the visitor, you are igniting the decision process that is taking place. CTAs make it easy for the customer to do what you want them to on your website. An engaging CTA can be as simples as asking users to click the link to see what comes next. Keep your visitors interested, increase page depth on our website and make it simple for them to complete the actions you want.

4. Boosts Digital Advertising

Promoting a CTA across your other digital advertising methods such as social media, can help bring even more visitors to your website. Without a CTA, your message lacks the emphasis needed incite an action from your audience.

A CTA is the most important thing on your website. Make sure to take time in choosing how you want to present your CTA. It could be a bold and captivating button or simply a link to the next page of information. Create a sense of urgency with your CTA to convey that your visitors need to act quickly before opportunity runs out. Start creating and developing your CTAs, find out which CTAs help reach your goals in the most effective manner and keep track of the results. This data will help you refine your strategy for more efficient and productive Call-to-Actions!