When it comes to increasing your company’s market share, attracting quality sales leads—individuals who are interested in your company’s product or service, and can become potential clients—is key. But it’s easier said than done. Almost 70% of companies have trouble generating leads, and nearly two-thirds of business-to-business (B2B) marketers consider the task to be their greatest challenge.

To keep up with the competition, it’s important for a company to stay up to date on new strategies, trends, and technologies in lead generation. Not sure where to start? Read on for 12 effective ways to skillfully secure B2B sales leads.

#1 Add a Chatbot

Instantly improve your customer service by setting up an automated chatbot that operates 24/7. The nifty tool should be able to answer any FAQs and address customer concerns in a timely manner.

#2 Run Email Campaigns

The most effective method for generating digital sales leads is to launch and manage an email campaign. (Per a 2017 study, 73% businesses agree that email initiatives drive the most leads in comparison to other B2B strategies, such as social media and display advertising). Be sure to create visually pleasing landers, and gear each campaign toward a specific target group.

#3 Create a Blog

Boost your company’s visibility by launching an editorial platform where you can publish informative articles that are relevant to your company’s offerings. (For instance, a home improvement brand could benefit from posting a piece on the best types of flooring for every room, or a travel company can offer a rundown of the world’s top beaches.) Guest blogging, or publishing articles on high-level sites that are frequented by your audience, is also a smart way to get your brand in front of fresh eyes.

#4 Produce Gated Content

Now more than ever, consumers are willing to share personal information to gain access to white papers, eBooks, and other valuable information from a company. Leverage the trend by requiring interested customers to submit lead capture forms that will allow you to better monitor potential clients. And don’t be afraid to repurpose old content—anything evergreen or still current is fair game.

#5 Leverage Social Media

Create accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and other social platforms to promote blogs, interact with your company’s most loyal followers, and respond to customers’ questions or concerns. Reach out to influencers—i.e., individuals who have a massive social media presence—and ask them to consider endorsing your product or service. Choose individuals who follow and can relate to your target audience.

#6 Revamp Your Site

Ensure every lander on your e-commerce site is eye-catching and up to date. Include plenty of visual elements such as images and graphics, along with call-to-action buttons encouraging customers to engage. Use popups to persuade online visitors to consider remaining on a page when they’re about to navigate away from it.

#7 Guest-Speak at Events

Don’t just attend trade shows—take the stage and explain what sets your brand apart. To pique the interest of potential leads, highlight your company’s success stories and grant a peek at what’s to come. Refrain from delivering a long and winded spiel about your offerings, which can turn off your audience.

#8 Distribute Press Releases

Publishing press releases to mark important events at your company helps increase brand awareness. Use distribution sites such as PRWeb or Newswire to announce every major milestone, such as the launch of a new product or the receipt of an industry award, and to highlight noteworthy findings, such as a case study or a research report. 

#9  Join Digital Directories

To boost brand visibility, list your products or services in online directories such as Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, and LinkedIn Directory. B2B buyers will be able to not only discover your offerings, but also read reviews and learn more about your company.

#10 Host Webinars

Want to position yourself as an industry expert? Host a webinar geared toward your intended audience—a method 73% of B2B marketers believe to be highly effective in capturing sales leads. Be sure to include a link to your company’s website and upload an online recording, so that those who miss it can still view it months later.

#11 Provide Case Studies

Spotlight instances in which your products or services were well received in the past. Post quotes or reviews from past customers to demonstrate a strong existing sense of brand loyalty and affinity.

#12 Automate Marketing

Implementing an automated marketing process will make it less difficult for you to run campaigns and track results. You will be able to create segmented email lists, allowing you to reach different groups with content relevant to their particular demographic. It will also help ensure your sales and marketing teams are always on the same page and working in sync with one another.